Zabbix Appliance 4.4.0 # VMWare

Download a .vmdk of Zabbix appliance. Create the new virtual machine. (For me was necessary to change SCSI type to LSI Logic Parallel instead SAS) 😦

1. Login as a root: appliance/zabbix

2. set static IP:

* cd /etc/network
* sudo vi interfaces (make sure to know, how to move in Vi editor)
* iface ens160 (eth0 or ensX) inet static
   set IP, mask, gateway

* sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart

Check IP:

* ifconfig -a

3. http://ipaddress/zabbix

login: Admin/zabbix

A. create host = server, PC etc. (item = service etc.)

B. add some template (ICMP Ping etc.)

C. create trriger to host or item

D. create an Action (alert e-mail or sms)

Anyway follow the offical Zabbix Documentation 4.4.